Heritage at our heart

Founded in 2016, Cuttlefish Group Ltd is a property development company that will reuse and redevelop instead of remove the wonderful green land we have in the UK. It took us a few years deciding the perfect first location but not with two properties active in the portfolio, we will continue to look for property to turn around and others to retain.

The sites we select have historical significance and you can be assured if you rent a Cuttlefish Group home, you will get a history for the home and the location. The locations we select are steeped in historical significance. A Cuttlefish Group home has heritage at its heart.

As we grow, we will look to convert commercial and derelict land into charming iconic homes, that will be built with local heritage at its core.

If you want to be a part of this amazing journey, to create beautiful homes with character and charm, then please get in touch to find out about our investment opportunities.